goes on working LLC "NIBULON" Ltd, following its development schedules in all the directions: as agricultural good producer, investor and corn-trader.
The company works hard on machinery refreshment. In 2008 the company spent over 11,5 mln. UAH to buy 22 "Case"and 22 "Byelorus". This machinery became substantial amendment to 46 "Fendts" which were in the company possession. In spring 12 best machine operators received the keys from "Case", in summer – from 9 combine harvesters "Massey Fergusson". In the autumn tractor fleet was replenished with 10 new "Cases" and 9 "Byelorus".
To provide strict keeping up-to-date agrarian technologies followed by "NIBULON", the strategic plans of the company according to the words of General Director, Hero of Ukraine Oleksiy Vydaturskyi include complete refreshment of tractor fleet in the following 3-4 years. The same is also true for seeder units. The company increases the amount of new machines every year as acreage planted grows years to year.
Thus, in the autumn of 2008 new branch "Pryseymivska" was founded in Krolevets District, Sumy Region. The work to make agreements with share owners for land plots rental was started last year. We signed social agreements with village councils to provide beneficent aid to solve social matter in the countryside. As 1100 hectares of land taken on lease were not cultivated for 7-8 years and run wild with bush and young trees, we needed to make really big efforts and spend considerable money to bring land to pre-seeding condition. Right now 569 hectares of winter wheat and 223 hectares of fall-seeded triticale were seeded in this branch. In spring we plan to seed grain corn and spring barley.
As of October 23 "NIBULON" finished to harvest sunflower with average productivity of 24,0 hwt/ha and from 7,1 thousand hectares area we harvested 16,9 thousand tons of seeds. Among the branches the leaders in productivity are as follows: "Khmilnyk" – 30,9 hwt/ha, "Sukhorabivska" – 29 hwt/ha, "Starobilska" – 28 hwt/ha.
Corn for seeds were harvested in the southern regions on the area of 5,8 thousand hectares or 55%. It is too early to talk of average productivity as harvesting in the branches of Khmelnitska, Vinnytska and Cherkasska Regions where traditionally productivity reaches 100 hwt/ha was just began..
We've finished fall-seeded areas sowing covered 25,9 thousand hectares. Simultaneously the works are fulfilled to care of winter wheat sowing. Area of land ploughed in autumn for spring sowing equals 20 thousand hectares, which is 78% of planned. November 1 is scheduled in "Nibulon" to finalize complete cycle of agricultural operations.
The Company goes further on in export contracts fulfillment. In 2007/08 іY because of export bans 1,2 mln. ton crops were exported, and in current іY up to the end of October we'll deliver 1,5 mln.t, and up to the end of calendar year we plan to go up to 2 mln.t.

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