Providing internal security – security to citizens and business – is a strategic problem for every state and surely it mirrors a political portrait of the society.
That is why in each state beside the state law-enforcement institutions there work quite successfully associations of non-governmental security services. Integration of Eastern European countries into the European Union, in its turn, made such association unite. With this purpose in December 2006 European Security Club was created – ESC – which united Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary. In June 2008 Ukraine joined it as well represented by the Ukrainian Federation of the Workers of Non-governmental Security Services (UFPNSB).
On October 8-9 in Uzhgorod ESC and UFPNSB for the first time hold an international forum "Security Market and a State: Relations, Problems and Perspectives". Among its tasks were to analyze the ways of future development of security services market, to define the forms of international cooperation, to discuss coordination of actions of Ukraine and Poland in providing security for Euro-2012.
From behalf of "Dnipro-Alfa-Plus" company, a co-founder of our edition, its director, vice-president of
UFPNSB Andrey Bolshakov addressed the forum. He pointed out that for 14 years of its work the company became one of the most powerful in Dnepropetrovsk oblast among those that provide complex security of legal and private entities. The list of its regular clients includes industrial enterprises, banks, politicians and state people.
Security problem plays today quite an important role in the agrarian sector. First of all it concerns checking powers of potential partners, preventing land corporate raid, cargoes convoying, crop guarding etc.

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