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№ 32 [158] August 26, 2011

ImageInternational Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ), which includes 31 countries, appealed to colleagues  to provide financial assistance to families of Japanese agricultural journalists, victims of the terrible disaster of this year.
At the world responded on appeal. Journalists of Ukrainian weekly business information - newspaper "Agroprofi" - are members of  IFAJ. So editors made a proposal: to publish materials of Agricultural Journalists of Ukraine in this special addition and transfet the fees earned on behalf of our great agricultural country, which had once suffered from Chernobyl, to Japanese colleagues.
This proposal received active support of real experts of agricultural journalism and agricultural affairs, so materials of special edition, in our opinion, were informative and interesting.
IFAJ - is an influential international organization supported by ministries and leaders of agriculture in their countries and holds annual congresses at the highest level. Ministers and heads of agricultural companies speak before the global agricultural journalism audience in the host country. Journalists show the best companies within the industry and introduce to the country. Last year, Congress was held by Japan, Canada will conduct the current, in 2012 the hosting country will be Sweden, then Argentina and New Zealand.
Journalists of "Agroprofi" will be in Canada on 14-18 September, where launch of the Ukrainian agroindustrial complex is planned. Therefore, this special addition will also be translated into English, published in the Internet and sent to IFAJ colleagues, partners, professionals of agricultural market. In this way it will be received by agricultural journalists around the world and could be rebroadcasted it in their publications.
In addition, special edition dedicated to 20th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine.
Thus, the Ukrainian agricultural journalists:
1. Rallied and actively responded to the initiative of the American representatives of IFAJ. But not in the form of donations, as they suggested, but purposefully. It is - especially for Japanese colleagues hard-earned by professional journalistic work money!
2. As patriots worked to strengthen the image of Ukraine as a strong agricultural state, demonstrating a wide range of opportunities and encouraging investors, drew AIC of Ukraine as for industry, so for subjects of menage.
3. Received an excellent topic for presentation at the IFAJ congress in Kanadi.
Special edition was supported by co-founder of our newspaper - "NIBULON" company - one of the leaders of Ukrainian agriculture, national farmer, trader and investor. The company conducts active enlightenment work and in promote  Ukraine as a strong agricultural state in the foreign market. Thanks to it, the fee for the authors of this special edition was doubled. On behalf of the newspaper "Agroprofi" and "NIBULON" We are extremely grateful to everyone who took part in this project and look forward to further cooperation for the benefit of native Ukraine.
Sincerely,  team of "AGROPROFI" newspaper

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